Tsarina Rose

Our Tsarina perfume caddies are both elegant and sophisticated, using soft shades with metallic highlights to enhance the exclusivity of the design.

Price: £18.99 each

Tsarina Oyster


Tsarina Blush

Tsarina Lilac


Fiona Black


Fiona is evocative of Nordic Folk patterns, a perfect example of how choice of colour can transform a pattern.

Price: £18.99 each

Fiona Ivory

Fiona Olive


Briony Lavender


Inspiration for our Briony design comes from the traditional blooms of brides’ bouquets.

Price: £18.99 each


Briony Moss


Catriona Blush


Catrionas’ designs are motivated by the geometric symmetry often found in Hebridean patterns, enhanced here by the use of softer pastel shades.

Price: £18.99 each

Catriona Lavender

Catriona Sky


Lacey Grey Mist SOLD!

Our Lacey designs are as delicate as bridal lace. The choice of opalescent shades and white patterning echo the transparency of the bridal veil.

Price: £18.99 each

Lacey Opal Mist

Lacey Oyster SOLD!


Eliza Blue

Eliza is simple yet effective, resonant of the satin bows found tying the bridal bouquet.

Price: £18.99 each

Eliza Blush SOLD!


Eliza Gold

Eliza Grey


Eliza Rainbow

Eliza Violet


Elsa Blue

Elsa draws inspiration from the gracefulness of falling snowflakes and how they capture the sparkle of an early morning’s light. 

Price: £18.99 each

Elsa Gold


Ria Aqua Ice

Ria evokes the beautiful purity evident in Polar ice flows.

Price: £18.99 each

Ria Lilac Ice

Ria Marshmallow Ice