Tallulah Noire

Tallulah reminds us of those we love and how it is vital to demonstrate to our friends and loved ones how much we value them in our lives.

Price: £18.99 each

Tallulah Red


Tallulah Sugar

Tallulah White


Blossom Oyster SOLD!

Our Blossom design is as subtle as spring blossom caught in the lightest of breezes, arousing memories of the cascading flowers of a bridal arch.

Price: £18.99 each

Blossom Periwinkle


Blossom Rose

Blossom White


Bow Liquorice

Bow’s patterning is dexterously distinct, suggestive of the flow of silks and satins.

Price: £18.99 each


Bow Moss

Bow Sorbet


Springtime Trinket Caddy

Our Springtime and Something Blue ‘trinket caddies’ utilise the centuries old tradition of the egg as symbolic of ‘beginnings’ and ‘new life’. Each caddy is designed to be at the heart of the public celebration of two people committing themselves to sharing their futures together.

Price: £40.00 each

Springtime Caddy Opened

Something Blue

Something Blue Trinket Caddy

Something Blue Caddy Opened

Caddy-Bijoux's Dancing Troupe

Blue Rhapsody

Caddy-Bijoux’s dancers’ bag charm range offers an exclusive keepsake for stars in the making.

Price: £15.00 each

Golden Dust

Lovely Lilac

Caddy-Bijoux's Dancing Troupe


Rose Noire

Rosey Red

Caddy-Bijoux's Dancing Troupe

Sugar Plum

Sweet Pea

Vicky Page