Caddy-Bijoux's Packaging

Standard Packaging

The standard red and black packaging for all Caddy-Bijoux products is free. It consists of a bag, tissue as well as an inner dust bag.

Christmas Packaging

Special Christmas Gift packaging can be bought with any purchase at an additional cost of £5.00 per item. This packaging can also be bought without any further purchase at a cost of £10.00.

Special Event Packaging

Customers can also buy Special Event Gift packaging – Daisy, Sweetheart, Something Blue or Dove - for £5.00 per item or without any further purchase at a cost of £10.00. 

Caddy-Bijoux's Packaging


Something Blue



Favours packaging is also available, complementing all of our Special Event packaging. They are available with handles at a cost of £7.00 or without at £4.00.

At Caddy-Bijoux we are more than willing to customise our packaging for those customers who have special requirements in mind. We’re just a call or e-mail away, ready to meet your wishes.